Kelly Beck-Byrnes

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Kelly Beck Byrnes

Copywriter / Art Director / Screenwriter / Idea Generator

Carvel Ice Cream

360 campaign for Carvel Ice Cream partnering with Devour, the in-house agency for GoTo Brands.

Writer: Kelly Beck-Byrnes
Art director: Warner Whatley

For the first time in decades, Carvel decided to create a new ice cream character.
We asked fans to vote on their fave based on the characters’ flavorful, fun stories.   


These were the bastard characters that didn’t make it into the running...

And the landing page that never saw the light of day but would’ve been cool with a 1977 Star Wars type intro disappearing into a field of stars...

 Adios  Arrivederci  Come Back Again  Au Revoir  Thanks For Stopping By  Adeus  Auf Wiedersehen  So Long  Sayōnara  Annyeong